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FOUNDED 2007 !

Previous know as Scott Debt Counsellors , S&S Debt Counsellors have been helping over – indebted South Africans since July 2007 . Erna Scott , NCR registration number NCRDC28 , is one of the first and still active debt counsellors practicing debt counselling in South Africa

Have peace of mind...

Start looking forward to paydays

Assistance towards financial planing

Getting your estate in order

Reducing and restructuring of debt repayments.

National Credit Act 86 gives you the right to apply for Debt Counselling.

National Credit Act 129 forces your creditors to inform you of your right to seek assistance from a Debt Counsellor.

Protect your assets - DO NOT LOSE YOUR HOME OR VEHICLE

Know your rights

Finding solutions that work for you

Debt Review

Assistance towards financial planning

Getting your estate in order

Consolidation of debt if you have a bond

What do we offer...