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Company Profile

Established in 2008 by Erna Scott.

One of the first registered Debt Counsellors (NCRDC28) in South Africa. Following in her footsteps, her daughter, Chantelle Scott (NCRDC3858), is taking SS Debt Counsellors into the future by offering a professionally trained team to assist our clients in becoming debt-free and financially independent.

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No one wants to be in debt. Debt review offers the most certain way to rehabilitation. It’s not just about getting you out of debt, but changing the way you live to stay debt-free.

We’ve provided reliable service to our clientele since our early days. As we are not a corporate company, we offer more personal attention; you are not just a number but a name in our office.

In-house Attorney – BLC, LLB

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What Is Debt Counselling

Debt Counselling, also known as Debt Review, is a legal debt relief process introduced by the National Credit Act (NCA) for over-indebted South Africans who are struggling to manage their debts amidst ever-increasing living expenses.

If the Debt Counsellor determines that you are over-indebted, they will devise a repayment plan tailored specifically for you. This plan prioritizes not only the repayment of your debts but also ensures you have enough for daily living expenses.

This repayment plan will then be handed over to a lawyer to secure a court order for the plan. This arrangement is beneficial because it means your assets (such as your car and your home) are protected, and legal action cannot be taken against you. Additionally, there is no risk of legal action to deduct payments directly from your salary through your employer.


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A friendly, trained support agent from our office will respond within 24 hours.


You will be required to complete a “Form 16”, sent to you by our office, to give the Debt Counsellor an overview of your current financial situation.


You will then be asked to send supporting documents if found over-indebted. This indicates that you do not have the financial means to cover monthly debt instalments and your home’s monthly living expenses. →


All creditors are notified about your debt review status and support from our office. From this point forward, all communication will be with our office and not with you directly.


A repayment plan, affordable to your current financial situation, is then sent to your creditors.


A single monthly debit order, via the payment distribution agency (DCP) approved by the NCR, will be deducted from your bank account and distributed to your creditors as per the repayment plan.


Our office appoints a lawyer on your behalf to appear in court and obtain a court order that confirms the repayment plan.

The Future

The process is not easy, but no great benefit comes without effort. Together, we work towards a way of living debt-free.

Many people find Debt Counselling daunting because it means you won’t be able to apply for additional loans while undergoing the process.

The reality is, if you’re unable to manage all your debts and essential expenses like electricity and groceries, taking on more debt (a loan) will only lead you deeper into financial trouble.

Losing access to credit for a while can be intimidating, but the ultimate reward of having your hard-earned monthly income available for you and your family again is the long-term goal.

You will receive a monthly statement from the Payment Distribution Agency, detailing exactly where funds have been allocated, allowing you to see your debt decrease month by month.



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